• Calling AI for help

    I can see the ‘break from writing’ has turned out to be rather long. There has been no good post on my blog, ‘WordBank’ for very long.

  • Vadnagar

    In my Gujarat trip, this was my last stop. I did Somnath, Rani ki Vav in Patan and Modhera Sun Temple. Now Vadnagar, which strangely turned out to be much more interesting and important than I had imagined. I only knew about Modi ji’s tea shop on the railway station, their family house and remains…

  • My Package

    There is this huge translucent package With me, around me It’s a package of information It is supposed to be mine Rather we belong to each other Package and me I carry it wherever I go No, actually it just goes with me Like my shirt I cannot pass it onto anyone I cannot share…

  • Anand to Patan story

    I saw the words written across a large board, ‘Welcome to the World heritage city of Patan’

  • Finding Houses of Friends

    In Hindus there are elaborate customs to offer prayers for the peace of the departed souls. Although they were not my real family, I do consider them as my second set of parent. So making this special trip to a place I have never been, was in absolutely in order and must be done.

  • Train to Anand

    I recently had to take up a train journey from Mumbai to Anand, and it became an unforgettable experience, because I was doing it with a special purpose.

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