Mumbai Honors Film Industry

Mumbai being is one of biggest center of film making in India. It has many roads, squares and areas named after famous film personalities. One fine day I decided to capture these sign-boards whenever I would pass from there. It took few years, but now I have a fairly good collection of these photos. I present some of them here:

Trip to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, (Mumbai Museum) Mumbai.

Mumbai museum is a place that is full of young students with parents, but during vacations. Young people do not visit a museum for fun. I had visited it when I just arrived to this mega city (in 1972) as a very young inquisitive man. But recently I made a trip again, just last year. I enjoyed clicking photographs more than watching historical artefacts. Here you also take a look.

Story of film, ‘Beyond Boundaries’

This film was initially titled “The Hope”. It was based on the incidence of an hijacked Indian Airline plane that was taken to Kandhar, Afghanistan. Hijackers demanded release of three dreaded terrorists from Indian jails. That was the basic plot, but a lot of fiction has been added for effective and dramatic storyline. The still-photographs that you see here were shot on 35 mm, on a film camera. So they had their own limitation, like you have to get them developed and printed or later make a digital print directly. I was hired for direction and script department. Though basically my field is ‘Sound’ but not in this film. It is a bit different that I am not seen recording but working with actors, stunt composers or photography… Though I did ‘Sound Design’ for it finally.

Actors: Mukesh Tiwari, Gayatri, Rajat Bedi, Raj Hussain, Zakir Hussain, Manish Wadhwa.

Film production of ‘In The Land Of Poison Women’, in Zimithang, Arunachal Pradesh. Total 30 shooting days, March-April 2018. Me in-charge of Location Sound & Sound Design. All actors were non-actors. Film won National Award for Best Feature Film in ‘Pangchenpa’ language, in 2019.

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