Feeling Lost

Feeling lost yaar.

Don’t ask why.

What do you mean ‘lost’ in what way?

If I knew that, would I be saying that I am feeling lost?

Are you crazy or what!

Stupid fool!

God know from where these people come.

They look so bright and emit so much intelligence from their being.

But it’s only till they open their mouth.

Mouth shut lights on, mouth open lights off!


What is anyone’s concern why I am lost; just because I happen to speak it out!

It wasn’t meant for anyone’s ears to hear.

It’s not my fault if someone heard it.

But I am not open to any discussion on this very private topic of mine.

For your information, I live on my own private beach.

No one is allowed here.

Don’t peep in, watch me illegally and then tell me what I should or should not be doing. Can’t believe these people!

Such an inexcusable intrusion in my priceless privacy!

Hey, do you think I am a fool?

I can see you behind that bush.

Hey, you Mr. Yellow shirt.

Yes you, you only!

Please get lost from my sands.

Each grain of sand here has my image.

Anything wrong and these millions of images will rise and make you blind!

I hope you got that.

The sand will go in your eyes.

I mean I will kick it or throw it myself.

What the hell!

Who put the yellow t-shirt here?

Wait a sec.

That’s my own t-shirt!

Don’t worry if I don’t make any sense.

Making sense is not I am very good at.

Thankfully I am also not very interested in it.

I guess I have a very niche style and thus have a very limited and selected readership.

Well, to be frank, it may not be more than a handful.

Umm, actually I am certain of just one reader!

No, don’t be mean, it’s not me.

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