Muddled Strangers

Hello there. How are things?

Hello… err, I didn’t recognize you. Have we met?

Yes we have.

Really? When?

A moment ago!

What! You mean when you said hello to me?

Yes, precisely. It may be more than a moment, now! How time passes. Isn’t it?

I don’t know if you are a funny guy or some kind of crook?

Good dual observation. Well, why don’t you take a wild guess, about me?

About you? How can I do that? I barely know you, now… well perhaps for two minutes.

Yes. That’s very good.

Good! What’s good in it?

You are already learning to be like me.

Is that better?

What do you mean?

I mean is it better to be like you? Why can’t I remain like myself only?

No one is stopping you in doing that. In fact you have been like yourself all your life.

Are you saying that you have changed to this new type from your earlier type?

I must have.

Oh! Okay, so you don’t know if you have changed or not.

That’s a valid question.

That fine, but what is the answer.

… you know what; I am getting a bit muddled here.

Okay. Fair enough. What do you want to do to clear this… well muddle?

Start over again.

Are you sure?


Okay here we go…

Hello there. How are things?

Hello, err I didn’t recognize you. Have we met?

Yes we have.

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