Lost Sync With Time

It so happened, the other day ;-)

She wanted to meet me

She had been planning

Excited about the meeting

Making notes, calling, detailing

On ‘the’ day

My phone stayed close to me

In my pocket

The day opened…

Played its regular part

And downed the shutter

Without her call

What must have happened

I wondered

No cancellation, no sorry, no nothing

I hoped nothing was wrong :-/

It seems she just went away

Kind of vanished

I mean without meeting

Calling, informing

I don’t know after how long

One day

My phone beeped

The arrival of an email

Her email

:-) in the ‘subject’ space!

I was taken aback

How dare she…

I read on,

“…it was such fun meeting you

To our good luck

The weather was so pleasant

The moon was a pretty arc

Sky full of stars

Because it was rather dark

I remember an unknown fragrance

That wafted around like an ocean

I was sure it was your scent…”

I was totally zapped

All this was utterly strange

Such detailed description!

About that never happened :-/

She had never called me

I never went there

Anywhere, nowhere

I never met her

The moon, stars, weather

Were all part of her…

Her own story,

She floated the fragrance,

And made a moon crescent,

Then scattered the stars,

Because it was rather dark?

I need to sort this out

On my own

With help from no one

I read the mail again

And yet again

How can this be?

More over why would she?

Would anyone do this to a friend?

Could something be wrong?

With me? I mean.

Could it be that

Have I lost the sync

Between me and my time

Have we both separated?

The link degenerated

Am I on my own here

While the time travels elsewhere 

Has it ever happened?

Or could it at all happen?

It seems I am suffering

From a yet un-discovered sickness

That has discovered me

I started watching

Everyone, everything

All around

Finally it dawned

Time had left me alone

I was now on my own

What I was to do yesterday

The previous day

Or even earlier days

Had already been done

That day in question 

A few days back,

Was already in the pack.

10 Feb, 2016

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