Our Secrets

We have days and nights

Due to the sun, and its light

But does the sun itself know

What is day and what is night?

I was told that all the stars

Go to sleep during day

I wished that next night again

They will come out to play

Sand storms blind him there,

While the rain does it here

When it is so hot here,

It is freezing cold elsewhere

Let us sit together and narrate,

The tales from our side of life

Me, then you and then she

Will throw open her life

The shames and the secrets

And all that mattered

Throw out everything

And make your heart lighter

Life Boat

when i am sailing alone
life is drab struggle for survival

if you look at me from the shore
perhaps i can row with some hope

if you join me on my boat
I may need nothing more

if you smiled sitting opposite at me
it’ll become a flight of fantasy

with your hand on my tired shoulders
life will turn into a space without border

but if you pick up the sail and row with me…

umm, sorry; writer’s block
can’t imagine that far!