Words fail me

I sat down to write…

As her memories

And my anxieties

Had started choking me

I placed on the desk a blank sheet of paper

Picked the pen up and guided it over

Even before I could write a word

My heart jumped out and sat on the paper

But now I was thinking hard

About the words

That will replace my heart

Will express my feelings

Which my heart was screaming

What my life was missing

How I suffered suffocation, irritation,

Worries difficulties botherations

Now it was hurting as my neck remained craned

Words didn’t emerge in my non-functional brain

In despair, I placed the pen in the slot

And shut the inkpot

My eyes were welling up

And tears were rolling down

Traveling my cheeks

And jumping off in the end

Finding the blank paper to land

Forming an unshapely figure

Soon these figures filled entire paper

With a language that couldn’t be read

But my feelings?

My feeling were perfectly expressed

Tears had said it all

All that I couldn’t recall

Alas! Sadly

My words had failed me.

You And Me

Path of life is tiled

With Sorrows and smiles

And is used by everyone

Going about their life

If you lose your steam to bad times

How will you get to your finish line?

Whatever comes our way

Good or bad heaped on a tray

We have to share it any way

Turn and look into my eyes

Please just once, try to try

I swear by your love

Your problems are my trouble

Do not look like a lost soul

Tell me what your heart holds

If you sob and my shoulders are dry

On whose shoulders then, will you cry?

Tell me how can I assure you?

You and me is same as me and you

You are incomplete without me

(And) I am nothing without you