Damn! My heart

A little scared, unconfident and unsure

I managed to say

‘I love you’

You turned away

With nothing to say

Making me much more

Scared, unconfident and unsure

Just when I was confident

It was end of the tale

You bit the corner of your nail

Looked at me shyly

And said something softly

Hesitating, unconfidently …

Till date I curse my heart

For beating so hard

That I couldn’t hear you at all

Gem Hunter

Let me look into your eyes

I want live the comfort of drowning once again

In that deep blue ocean

Or is it blue deep, ocean

Your flickering eye-lids

Getting confused

Finding my eyes so close

Inches away from them

My hungry eyes diving into yours

Trying to find gems

I need those valuable gems

Transparent gems of promises

Blue gems of love

Yellow gems of forever friendship

Maroon ones for passion

But my eyes got lost

In the maze of your confused eyes

In that ocean

Many burning objects crisscrossed

Confusing me

What were those things?

They did not allow me in

Keeping me in the shallow

Never letting me search deep in

Beyond that firewall

I couldn’t find any promise

Or passion

Even friendship

Alas there was no love to be found

I am not a gem hunter

I am hungry for them

I need your eyes to say something

Give me a faint hint

A little hope if they could

Something like, “try next time

Or, of course it is possible,

I can’t say it right now”

I feed on such flimsy lies

For the hunger of my heart

For the sake of my survival

For the sake of my sanity

19 June, 2013