Guest Song

Familiar and refreshing

Yet unheard song

Sneaked into my mind-space

And started playing around

It hops on various emotions

Through black and white keys

Creating new tunes

With utmost ease

Sometime it tightens a string

To tune the black right

But soon it vanishes from sight

Only do I find it relaxing on a white

That I know has been too tight

3 Poems

1 – “Guest Song”

familiar and refreshing

yet unheard song

has sneaked into

my mental space

and started playing around

by hopping on

black and white keys

creating new tunes

day and night

sometimes even relaxing on a string

that i know, has been too tight..

2 – “Perfect Good Morning”

in the morning when you open your eyes

cover your face with your signature smile

you throw your blanket off without hesitation

and are charged with energy’s manifestation

when you hear the day’s first word

a friend’s hello or tweet of a bird

your belly happy with king’s breakfast

your chest ready to face day’s task

you step out into the open confidently

to resolve life’s endless possibilitiesthat my friend, is a ‘good morning’

have one right now this morning :-)

3 – …The Moment

i was going along

my own way

minding my own steps

humming my own tune

smiling at smiles

avoiding voids

when i saw…

she did not smile

react, or notice

her blank eyes

vaguely on a distant horizon

her long silk hair 

bouncing in rhythm

with her sure steps

as the distance melted

i fumbled and missed a step

causing Mona Lisa to smile 

the moment froze…

i failed to notice

how many people

crossed the space between us

like shadows 

i kept walking

she kept walking

till we passed… each other

and the moment

we were going along

our own ways minding…