Shadows of darkness

Why is it so dark in here…

In my heart

All around me

Where have those twinkling lamps gone

Sending out signals of love and hope

Their smooth and warm light

Scattered all around my being

Hoping with hope

That kept me going

My face kept a stiff smile on…

Where are those lamps now

Lit by warmth of our love

Has the love burnt out

But why

And how

Don’t we all need light

Don’t we all need love

It is so dark now

I can’t find you

I can’t find the lamps

Even shadows are not seen

Have the lamps taken the shadows away?

Why can’t the darkness create shadows?

The light creates dark shadows

Couldn’t the darkness create bright shadows?

Now there is no you

There is no love, no hope

No light, no warmth

… not even shadows of darkness

To Light From Darkness

Look. There, in that direction

Can you see that?

A huge slab of darkness

Like a dark mountain

Yes right, that one

That’s a mountain of darkness

On the other side of that

Behind it

Yes, right through it

There is a light

My light!

Why, can you not see it?

Look right at the center of the dark mass


Yes, concentrate in the middle of it

Well, I can see it easily

So what if it is dark

I know, light can be seen anyways

Darkness is darkness

But light is light

I agree if light is there

Then darkness cannot exist

Both can’t co-exist

But what can I do

If it’s there, it’s there

We can’t help it

Alright, I understand

You cannot see it

I agree

I also have been trying

Sorry, but I too cannot see it very well

But, I know it is there

Behind that dark entity

I was trying to find

If you could see that

Or anyone else

Soon I am leaving to get to it

No, don’t worry, I will find a way

They say

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

May be I will find some light on the path

May be… not

So plan is to walk in a straight line

When you can see nothing

You must remain focused

And alert and follow a line

You never know what you might come across

Stones, thorns, ditches, ravines

Snakes, scorpions, other animals

There can be anything

I will be in total darkness

But… I could also say

I might bump into a person!

Like me, someone,

Who might also be looking for a light!

You think people on the other side

Are not looking for the light from this side?

Or any side?

Isn’t it possible?

It is, isn’t it?