World and her story

Time is passing

So is life

Cross roads, hairpin bends,

Steep climbs, landmarks

All falling behind

I can see a path winding away

Far in the distance

Dissolving into nothingness

One end of which is under my feet

The other seems to be

At the end of my vision

After that… nothing

After that… nothing,

Would be wrong to say

After all, the rest of the world

Has to be there


Beyond the end of the path

Beyond the end of my vision

Yes, the world made by man

Will cease to exist

But world untouched by man

Will still be there

In its full glory

Narrating it’s amazing story.

I will pass away

You too will be gone

Our sorrows would be wiped off

Smiles will fade leaving no mark

Storytellers will not be around

Listeners also would have passed

But the world will go on

Narrating her story on her own.

Alexander, Babar, Genghis Khan

Christ, Kabir and Krshn

Winners and vanquished

Killers and the killed

All dumped randomly


In the dark silence

Of a little old box

Not moving

Not speaking

Yet wearing the crown

With a bloody sword in hand

Not knowing their story is done.

Friendship with conditions

Heart is a bit heavy today

It’s… because of the things around,


Is it because of the house?

It’s discolored walls,

Cracks and leaks

… I can handle all that with money

But it is the people,

People, close and distant

Matured and grown ups

It is high time it was decided

A delay can cause unnecessary trouble

The trouble could grow

Grow into a demon beyond control

The point is not how many

And for how long the troubles have been

The point also is ‘why’ have I been tolerating them?

You think whatever you say, has a meaning

And my words make no sense?

Then we don’t belong to each other

If you feel you are in a jail

I too am choking to death

Like you are proud of the way you think

I too might have respect for my thoughts

You wish to insult me?

Go ahead and insult my looks,

My shabby sloppiness

But don’t insult my ideas

No one is permitted to do that

I love my way of thinking

Just like you do

My thoughts are also unique in the world

Just like yours

They are precious

They are pretty

They are full of intelligence

They don’t lack anything

Just like yours

No one has a right to look down upon them

To insult them

They are products of my mind

They are pious for me

Just like God is for everyone

This will be a hard decision

But showing respect for my thoughts,

Will be mandatory for my friendship

If you say,

What is I say is, ‘wrong’

Then let us not waste time

I will turn left from next cross road

You take the right

And then be right, forever