Quiet Conversations

I really think I have seen you earlier

I just don’t know when and where

You seem to be a stranger

But not unknown

You may be a delicate doubt

More believable

Than beliefs of my own

When I saw you today

A memory flashed

A dark moonless rainy night

Meeting of our eyes

Lighting up my world bright

Your passionate calm face

Flowing dark silken hair

Rain drenched clothes

Enhancing your contours

My verses could never contain

Unabashed beauty of yours

Your passionate face froze my mind

And cold rain lit up a fire inside

I remember those lips shivering with passion

And hearts beating in a quiet conversation

Sea, it’s easy for you

Gautam was up at 5.30 and in a relaxed hurry he got ready. He changed into his walking attire, wore his sports shoes, a watch and a belt pouch with his specks, phone and house keys. He stepped out sharp at 6 am. It was quite bright. Slowly he moved as per his plan to walk along sea side road to Yari road and then turn around to return. Last time he remembered it took him 50 min. He thinks that’s a fair amount to cover in a day.

He normally does road walks early mornings. Because the traffic is scant. So roads are comparatively less dangerous. It is also less noisy. As he reached near the first turn to the sea on Versova beach, he decided to take a look if there was space to walk on the sand. If the tide is high then one cannot walk there. But the tide was receding. So a large stretch of sand though very wet; was available. He decided it was a better bet to walk here than road.

He tested the sand. The beach was tilted badly. So his feet were very unbalanced, left up and right way down. But he found it better as he moved towards the water line.

Gautam picked up pace after examining the beach till the end. It seemed about 750 meters. One round trip makes it 1.5 km. There were very few people. One young guy sitting cross legged was chanting Aum in various pitches. Other sounds that he heard were of sea gulls, crows and waves.

Waves! He remembered his last meeting with the sea about a month back. He had a conversation with it. Gautam basically does not need anything for himself, as he is totally self-content… And that’s the kind of general perception. Everyone knows that. But he had another responsibility on him and he was not sure if he can handle it by himself.

He started his talk to the sea; “last time I told you that I have met someone very important. She is from the ancient times, when the world was very different…”

He heard a roar of waves.

“Yes, now I have taken this as my life’s sole purpose that…”

Big roar again.

See now I have told you in so many words… You are so strong… You cover and control most of the earth… You can easily help us… I am also in conversation with trees and wind.

Large wave splashed on the beach.

Okay okay. So I take it as we have a deal. I don’t want to see her upset ever again… That I know, but Gautam is just another name for someone who roamed around here. He listened to the waves of your teachings intently and tried his best to figure out what each of those waves meant.

Who me? No, I will be okay. I really wouldn’t consider myself to be one of the greatest souls you met in your life time. So you don’t have to keep any thing for me. This pretty shell will do.

MV PAVIT is the second ship to get stuck at Mumbai’s popular Juhu beach. A large ship bang on the beach makes a very weird sight. It attracts many eye-balls. But it can be a tremendous security hazard too. A large ship moves aimlessly in India waters, without being noticed by coast guard or Indian Navy and lands directly in the financial capital of the country! There is something seriously wrong. Previous ship MV Wisdom was aground vertical to the beach. So its propeller and rudders were in water which helped tugs to pull it away. But PAVIT is parallel to the beach and its propeller and rudders are stuck deep in sand! This one is not going anywhere for a long long time… on August 14 another salvage operation was started and successfully ended on 15 August. The ship was floated away into the high seas and sailed off to Alang port in Gujarat.

Conversation Sex

Gautam had been living a mile or two inside the forest away from his kingdom. Well ex-kingdom. Gautam had just turned a ‘seeker’. So, once a week his mother would send a chariot laden with fruits and some of Gautam’s favorite food. Anandini, a maid in the palace known to Gautam, would accompany the food along with chariot driver. She would place the food decently in his hut, generally look around for any cleaning to tidying up to be done, collect brass and gold utensils and leave.

Gautam would breath in deeply and Anand would start checking out the packages. As the cling-clang sounds of the chariot bells would fade out and dissolve into the sound of evening birds and waking night crickets. Other meditating men would emerge from the distant foliage and approach Gautam’s hut for a meal that would support them for one week.

One day when the maid was arranging the food in the hut, she started a conversation with Gautam. She was speaking while going up and down between the chariot and various corners of the hut. Garlands and yellow flowers had been sent from the palace, because of Makar Sankranti. She placed them all around making the hut very pretty, fragrant and misfit for the forest. Gautam neither objected nor appreciated. The conversation kept going. Anadini was very unlike other maids. She seemed much brighter than others. She was inquiring about areas that would make her a seeker herself. Her ideas were being sharpened where they lacked clarity. Gradually she got so hooked that she sat down in front of her ex-master and continued. That would have been impossible in the palace.

Gradually sounds in jungle started changing, from birds to night crickets and then fowls. Sound of wolfs howls and foxes scampering also were heard as the last of sun light bid good bye to red sky and the day. The horse shook his head wildly resulting in loud alarm bells. With a jolt Anandini came out of her trance. She realized Gautam did not remind her to leave earlier. She quickly rose and started walking briskly towards the chariot. Then stopped a moment later, turned back and said, “my lord, this conversation was like having sex. May be better.” Only after her smile and giggle got registered in the ambiance of the forest did the form of chariot faded out in the blackness.

It was too late for the other meditating saints to come up and eat.

The warmth of the summer morning sun made everything refreshing. Everyone arrived at the hut, with cheering of the birds. Gautam was gently pacing outside his decked up hut. Anand promptly indicated everyone to be seated. He then kept all the food in the center. Gautam sat in the middle of the hut door. To his and other’s mild surprise this time there was a woman ‘bhikshu’ also among them. She picked up a guava and ate it with a lot of respect for it. Gautam asked her about herself. She said she was from a kingdom at the distance two days walk from there. She had plans to move further north after few days break. She said she hadn’t eaten well for two days. Since she took a halt, as she noticed lot of fruit laden trees around there. She decided to replenish her body before moving into the unknown. Gradually everyone went their way but she stayed with the conversation that was on, between her and Gautam. They both had shut their eyes and were speaking. Gradually their responses to each other kept getting softer and the gaps between them grew longer. A patch of sun descended and sat on Gautam’s face. His face seemed to emit that light. Bhikshuni felt the flux of light and growing heat. She opened her eyes and noticed Gautam’s face had turned white. She could barely notice his features. The face seemed like a ball of light. She wondered who this person was! She decided to leave the hut and go to her corner of the forest. After Gautam came out of his trance, he remembered the conversation with that unknown ‘bhikshuni’.

A week after ‘Sankranti’ late morning the rhythmic sound of horses hoofs and bells emerged over the bustling forest ambiance. Birds had stopped bothering about the chariot as a foreign object that appeared every week and vanished after a while, leaving behind a load of welcome leftovers for them to feed on.

Next week again, Anandini got down. She did a respectful ‘namaskar’ to Gautam and Anand and started unloading the food baskets. Saints started appearing. This time she noticed a woman too in a white ‘dhoti’. Anandini was surprised, rather shocked. Like clockwork everyone sat, ate respectfully and left, including the female saint. Anandini seemed out of her depth. She collected empty brass-ware and other disposable material and placed them in the chariot. Her steps were feeling heavy as she moved to climb up two steps. She sat in. Gautam was still inside the hut, but could be seen. As driver hinted to the horse to move, Gautam said, “Anandini I had sex with that ‘bhikshuni’, you saw”. Anandini’s face turned white. She tried to find Gautam’s gaze but couldn’t. She couldn’t get off the chariot and ask him what did that mean! Chariot moved and carried with it all its rich sounds…

After a while Gautam felt a pinch of concern about something. I hope Anandini remembers her own words, “my lord, this conversation was like having sex. May be better.”

Buddhist devotee at Mcleod Ganj