• Quiet Conversations

    I really think I have seen you earlier I just don’t know when and where You seem to be a stranger But not unknown You may be a delicate doubt More believable Than beliefs of my own When I saw you today A memory flashed A dark moonless rainy night Meeting of our eyes Lighting… Continue reading

  • Sea, it’s easy for you

    Gautam was up at 5.30 and in a relaxed hurry he got ready. He changed into his walking attire, wore his sports shoes, a watch and a belt pouch with his specks, phone and house keys. He stepped out sharp at 6 am. It was quite bright. Slowly he moved as per his plan to… Continue reading

  • Conversation Sex

    Gautam had been living a mile or two inside the forest away from his kingdom. Well ex-kingdom. Gautam had just turned a ‘seeker’. So, once a week his mother would send a chariot laden with fruits and some of Gautam’s favorite food. Anandini, a maid in the palace known to Gautam, would accompany the food along with chariot… Continue reading