Calling AI for help

I admit that I feel discouraged and overwhelmed by the unrest and violence in the world. All headlines are full of all that. There is no other news other than killings, blasts, coups… I don’t know how to even prioritize my own interests or self-care. Strange! Time has arrived to think of self-care, seriously! So far I was cruising along in life. Now I am finding it difficult to handle my emotions other than taking time for my physical needs, like feeling safe while traveling or just walking down to a grocery store. Because of feeling burdened and overwhelmed, I decided to take a break from writing and gave myself permission to step back and focus on other things for a while. One day I sat down with a pen and paper to prioritize activities that make me feel relaxed, if not provide me exactly with joy. This included things like systematic way of reading, spending time in nature (while taking a walk), listening to music, yoga, meditation, and consciously staying calm.

Yet, I can see the ‘break from writing’ has turned out to be rather long. There has been no good post on my blog, ‘WordBank’ for very long.

If I wasn’t me, I could have thought of seeking support from trusted friends or family members about my feelings. But I am not that kind of a person. Secondly everyone around is also not really on top of the world. So, none is in a position to help or even advise me… more over once cat is out of the bag, everyone will keep asking me, ‘so how are you feeling now?’ ‘Did you follow the routine I told you about?’ etc. To avoid all this future complications I decided to jump in gathering information, all kinds of info. Be it political, scientific, cosmology, current affairs. I started reading about quantum physics and JWST. I realized it worked. I got busy. I felt richer in all round knowledge. I also blocked my exposure to news and social media that wasn’t positive or constructive. I thought at my age it is absolutely okay to take a step back and prioritize and plan our well-being during the times of unrest and turmoil. Especially when we all know that all this is ‘not going away any time soon’. I decided to learn about ChatGPT and check out how it can help me in doing some of my work, as a friend. As I am a rather technical/science person, I found it easy to use it. This ‘post’ is based on basic ideas from ChatGPT; but of course it needed to be from a ‘person’ and to be precise, from ‘me’. So, this is my new ‘avatar’. I will surely write in the way, I used to (like this), as soon as all of you turn the world back to its earlier normal self.


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