In my Gujarat trip, this was my last stop. I did Somnath, Rani ki Vav in Patan and Modhera Sun Temple. Now Vadnagar, which strangely turned out to be much more interesting and important than I had imagined. I only knew about Modi ji’s tea shop on the railway station, their family house and remains of Buddhist education. But my auto-driver took me to a garden named Tana Riri, When I researched Tana Riri, I realized that these two women and their story was no joke! They were around not only during Akbar’s period, they also had a serious brush against the brutal Mughal King. Tana & Riri were classical singers of highest rank. The story of classical singer Tansen falling sick and his body getting very hot due to the effect of Deepak Raag. To find a cure someone had to cancel heat’s effect by a cooling Raag, that could be Raag Malhar. And the army general discovered about these two women. Tansen was brought to them, where they sang and it is believed that Tansen was cured. But now Akbar wanted Tana Riri to be part of his Darbar and what not later on. The women kept refusing to join the Darbar and finally when the king sent the army to bring them to him… they committed suicide by jumping in a well. They kept their respect.


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