Value of change

Who was I?

What have I turned into?

Was I better then, or am I better now

Was I somebody good-enough earlier?

Or was I a no-body like I am today

If I was anything worth it, what was that?

And if I am anything today what am I, who am I?

But then what about that in between period

When I was changing

Changing from something to something else,                                                                

Or maybe one kind of nothing to a another nothing

We need to think about that period

After all that was happening in my life

That also was my time

Is it possible that,

That time might have been better?

When I was going through changes

Yes, change

Change word itself is so dynamic

So beautiful, so meaningful

Philosophically it seems that

If things don’t change

Soon they get non-existent

If a snake doesn’t shed its skin, it has to die

If I am facing hardships, anxieties, worries

They become part of my life

If I don’t value them

Then I am no one

I am just a statue

Going through ups and downs of life is life                                      

Just deciding that now I have arrived, is like un-life

Life is only eternal action

We must keep moving to the next destination

Some destination, any destination

And a destination is to be used only to rest a while

Next day I must hit the path again…

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