Mortal Men Immortal Melodies

On 12 Feb 1982, a massive musical show named ‘Mortal Men Immortal Melodies’ was held to celebrate 50th anniversary of ‘Sound in Indian Cinema’, Alam Ara being the first ‘talkie’ film. A song from this film was reproduced in this show, presented by, Hari Haran. It was organized by Cinema Vision India (Mr. Siddharth Kak) along with the Music Directors’ Association at Shanmukhananda Hall, Mumbai. A K Bir was the cinematographer for the show (shooting on 16mm film) and the sound was recorded by me on Nagra 4.2, 1/4″ tape. I decided to keep a record of so many famous voices were recorded that evening. It was the biggest show of its kind at that time. It still may be one of the biggest in terms of number of famous singers and cine-artistes that shared the stage that day. Here’s the list of names, whose voices got taped:

  1. Hari Haran (Singer)                           
  2. Kavita Krishna Murthi (Singer)                 
  3. Penaz Masani (Singer)
  4. Veena K Rao (Singer)                 
  5. Ashok Kumar (Singer/Actor)                                       
  6. Praful Zaveri (Singer)
  7. Raj Kumari (Singer)                           
  8. G. M. Durrani (Singer)                                     
  9. Surendra Nath (Singer/Actor)         
  10. Shabbir Kumar (Singer)                 
  11. Bhupesh Husanlal (Singer)                           
  12. Meena Kapoor (Singer)
  13. Hemant Kumar (Singer)                 
  14. Nitin Mukesh (Singer)                           
  15. Anwar (Singer)
  16. Dilraj Kaur (Singer)                           
  17. Usha Mangeshkar (Singer)                           
  18. Mahedra Kapoor (Singer)
  19. Alka Yagnik (Singer)                           
  20. Lata Mangeshkar (Singer)                           
  21. Talat Mehmood (Singer/Ex Actor)
  22. Noor Jahan (Singer/Actor from Pakistan)                          
  23. Dilip Kumar (Actor)                             
  24. Shabana Azmi (Actor)                             
  25. Naushad (Music Director)
  26. Siddharth Kak (Actor/Producer-Director)

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