Yours Religiously

Do you know how old is this earth? It is billions of years old. Homo sapiens did not exist at that point of time. We all came up from a single-cell life to this present state. Some say we evolved from fish, others think monkey is our ancestor. In one of the study by a renowned scientist, if all the time that the earth has been in existence should be condensed to 100 hours then the modern times would measure only a few minutes. By modern times we can say when spoken word developed and we started using intelligence to stay in groups to flourish and also avoid getting robbed or killed by other groups.

Along the lines many inventions kept coming, starting from rough stone tools for hunting, to the wheel, then clothing to save us from different acute weather conditions. We started keeping pets to serve us. Either to gives us milk, meat, or work for us in fields and later even to transport us around. But most surprising thing was the invention of the scare or fright that group leaders instilled among people in order for everyone to stay together; to fight the enemy jointly and keep the tribe safe and strong. The leaders must have been too intelligent to ask the rest of the community to pray to a certain tree, a stone or a certain person. I guess this was the beginning of politics and/or religion. And from that point onwards we have only been the victims of both these social orders. The benefits gained by this world from religion in general are no match to the harm received by its misuse. Currently we are going through the worst period of wars, mass killings, ethnic cleansing, Jehad, countries breaking up etc. Most of this is happening in the name of religion.

I seriously question the utility of religion as a concept for any benefit to human race what so ever. Any sensible businessman will just drop such a useless thing which draws out so much from you compared to what you gain from it. The balance sheet shows only losses. As it is being done today, religion is just too damn expensive to follow. Although religion is not a necessary condition for anyone to be a good and successful human being. People can do very well in all fields without the contribution of religion in their lives. People who are busy making money to look after their families may have no time for it. If a beggar starts praying in place of begging, without doubt, he will have to starve. Only the people who are well off or are misguide by others for some reasons known best to them; take the religion seriously and use it as business. And people who take religion too seriously may turn out to be rather dangerous for the world in general.

Sooner than later, constructive people will get to know the value and contribution of religion. And they are going to revolt against such a concept. The process may have already started. So I guess it is worth it trying to live without religion and check it out. We might have more time to meet friends, play with our children and cook nice dishes for them, finish a pending job at the office, most of all to ‘think’. We hardly allocate any time for us to think, which is such an important and constructive mental exercise.

Recently I read that the amount of happiness that science and technology have given to the world in the last 100 years is far more than happiness given to us by religion in 2000 years. We have been fighting wars for a God we have never seen but will give no importance to trees, air and rivers that directly enrich our life. So nature in fact is the God right in front of us!

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