Gautam and Indriyavijay

Indriyavijay enters the ever open door of Gautam’s hut. Gautam is drinking green tea with a lot of concentration – like always. That kind of concentration comes easy to him. Indriyavijay takes a seat in front of him. Rays of soft morning sun are filtering from the window behind his head. He looks inside the tea cup, lifts it with both his hands. As the cup comes close to his face, the vapor from the cup brightens due to the shaft of sun. Waves of vapour take a few moments hang near Gautam’s face and as if unwillingly move away, then vanishing as they rise beyond his face and sun rays. Gautam sips tea with closed eyes and slowly replaces the cup at the same spot. His eyes followed the cup throughout, Indriyavijay noticed. He knows it is Gautam’s tea meditation. Gautam has this habit of turning any day-to-day activity into a meditation. All his meals, bath, walk or chopping wood looks like slow-motioned Tai Chi. After two sips Gautam looks up. Indriyavijay does not know if he is looking at him or his vision going through him. However, by now he knows Gautam too well.
Indriyavijay: Is something wrong, you are looking a little glum.

Gautam: What is glum?

Indriyavijay: (correcting himself) I mean perhaps a little quieter.

Gautam: Yes I am feeling quieter internally. Isn’t that good.

Indriyavijay: Yes… it is. (Deciding not to ask any more probing questions)

Gautam: you did come to ask me anything. You came to tell me something.

Indriyavijay: we are going to pick wood from forest. Are you coming?

Gautam: Actually my plans are to exercise my feet and legs, touch my toes few times, work on the strength of my fingers and palm and finally do some weight lifting.

Indriyavijay: oh, you have a busy schedule. So, we will carry on. We need wood for making tea and cooking dinner.

Gautam: (picking the cup) fine.

Indriyavijay bows and swiftly moves and starts calling out to others to join him. In a few moments a group of monks are seen collecting dried twigs from the ground. After sometime monks noticed Gautam too was collecting wood and was ahead of them.

A surprised Indriyavijay asked, ‘but you wanted to exercise!’

Gautam: (looking down) see that’s precisely what I am doing; walking, touching my toes, working on my fingers and palms and lifting gradually growing weight…

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