Two Graves

I still remember the question

A question,

Crucial to my life

My life depended upon

Your answer to that question

But you had turned away

From me

And kept playing with end of your hair

Kept looking at your toes…


I waited

For your answer

For my life to flow…

I waited some more

I waited for you to turn towards me

Waited for you to stop biting your nails

Playing with your hair,

I waited for you to stop staring at your toes

And look at me

I desperately waited for your lips to part

And say something…

This eternal wait

Has been, years long

I lived an entire life

With you

In a flash dream

But it could not be

That you turned towards me

Stopped biting your nails

Stopped staring at your toes

Years went by

Waiting for your lips to quiver

And let me know the answer…

Far away under that tree

Covered with a layer of flowers

There seem to be two shadows

Lying side by side

If you notice closely

They are two graves

One, of my question

Another… of your answer

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