Whose dream is it any way?

Oh, how come you are here?
Huh! Why is it so dark
And at this odd time?
What! I called you?
But I don’t think so.
Let me try and remember
Could you please just help me
When was that
I mean when, did I call you
At night! This last night! Shocking
So… did I call you on your cell
No no, I am not smiling
Then how?
You just heard me calling
Oh my dear, I am sure you were dreaming
He he, finally
Someone is dreaming of me
And has reached the point
Where I wanted her to be for a long time
Nice for me, ehh
Let’s go to CCD and celebrate with Cappuccino…
Where are you?
OMG! Not again
Thank god, you are not here,
Thank god, no one is here
To find me behaving so utterly silly
For the nth time
It was not about her dream
But mine

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