May 8, 2020

  • Hope? What hope?

    The man in dirty rags had managed to drag himself near a railway station. But it was weird. Everything is dark there. It is not the period that we know of. at least not yet. It is the future. Much after politicians had finished looting the world. They were being very stupid, though they thought… Continue reading

  • Damn! My heart

    A little scared, unconfident and unsure I managed to say ‘I love you’ You turned away With nothing to say Making me much more Scared, unconfident and unsure Just when I was confident It was end of the tale You bit the corner of your nail Looked at me shyly And said something softly Hesitating,… Continue reading

  • Power of letting go

    It was 4am and Gautam had woken up with a strange feeling – a feeling of control. The feeling of control strangely came from the feeling of ‘let go’. During the last few moments in bed, he had let everything ‘go’ mentally. It happened just a few moments ago. He lost interest or rather did… Continue reading

  • Understanding Past Today

    If events happening around you don’t inspire you or kick you enough to start writing, then it may be a good idea to write about your past. I mean use some strong, loving, moving or scary incidences from your past that should make it easy to start punching the keyboard. But I seem to have… Continue reading

  • Whose dream is it any way?

    Oh, how come you are here?Huh! Why is it so darkAnd at this odd time?What! I called you?But I don’t think so.Really?Let me try and rememberCould you please just help meWhen was thatI mean when, did I call youAt night! This last night! ShockingSo… did I call you on your cellNo no, I am not… Continue reading

  • Life Boat

    when i am sailing alonelife is drab struggle for survival if you look at me from the shoreperhaps i can row with some hope if you join me on my boatI may need nothing more if you smiled sitting opposite at meit’ll become a flight of fantasy with your hand on my tired shoulderslife will… Continue reading