Theoretical Changes

If you think…

Things are not the way you think they should have been

Start afresh

Go back in the past

To find out where things might have gone awry

Find out that particular bad point

To make changes

And start afresh

Start right from there and see what can be changed and where

That is, to yield better results, later on, in life

Life, which you have already lived until today

Obviously it is a theoretical exercise

Not a science fiction, like “Back to the future”

Or “Forward to the past”

When you mentally note a point to make changes in the past

Its effect in the future of the past, must be calculated at every step


One little change will change the next moment

Effect of that change will affect all approaching moments

Days, weeks, years

Status, relationships, friends, enemies

Just that one little theoretical change on paper…

Would make you entirely a different person

Someone completely unknown to you


Science Fiction

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