Poetic Challenge

Taking this up was challenging

I took some time for starting

Thinking… thinking

Then some more thinking

It turned out to be over thinking…

Finally I thought of at least trying

Face, yes there is a face

I can start writing about the face 

Say a lot about eyes

Eye brows, lashes

Cheeks, cheek bones

Hair, chin, lips and nose

The way the eyes look

And the look in the eyes

What do eyes say

What does the face say

No not the skin of the face

But a bit underneath

There is an inside layer

Hidden there is another player

Who is emoting differently

Contradicting the visible layer

I cannot decide who is right

What is the truth

The visible one is right

Or the one hidden behind

I had known in the beginning

This was going to be challenging

It’s just a short poem connecting ‘starting, trying and inevitably failing’

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