May 7, 2020

  • Quiet Conversations

    I really think I have seen you earlier I just don’t know when and where You seem to be a stranger But not unknown You may be a delicate doubt More believable Than beliefs of my own When I saw you today A memory flashed A dark moonless rainy night Meeting of our eyes Lighting… Continue reading

  • Life Dream

    Life is but a dream,I knew that, yetI loved life immenselyProblems, failures, frustrationsSo many complaints…A complaint was about to leave my lipsBut it stoppedWhere will it goWho will give it a hearingIt was futile to ‘say’ it…I started on my journeyI kept going, kept going, goingI never wanted stopI never stoppedMy love,Finally, one dayWe had… Continue reading

  • Road Rage and Gautam

    It was surprising. A person like Gautam involved in a road rage! He has been known to be very cool and calm. Perhaps times have changed just too much for anyone to be his normal self :-( you see wisdom of words do not help anyone whose nature is unchangeable… once upon a time there… Continue reading

  • With Me

    Thinking, Thinking of you Today, Today also, like yesterday Like the last week, month or the year I don’t No, I don’t remember living a moment Without you Without the moments spent with you I don’t ever Ever remember being Being deprived of your memories Thoughts or dreams You are, You surely are always with… Continue reading

  • What’s Life about…

    Life is not about happy ending It’s not even about ending Or, a beginning In fact it is a cycle Of endless beginnings and ends Beginnings and ends are like Stops or stations Where one can Take a breather or rest Delay the next leg of the journey Leave the regular tracks And visit higher… Continue reading

  • Theoretical Changes

    If you think… Things are not the way you think they should have been Start afresh Go back in the past To find out where things might have gone awry Find out that particular bad point To make changes And start afresh Start right from there and see what can be changed and where That… Continue reading