Pain in the…

The other day I got this feeling

As though someone called me

I looked around

Left, right, up and down

But couldn’t find no one…

But in a few moments

Someone touched my side

That made me jump with a fright

My voice had a quiver

Who is there dear?

Why don’t I see you?

A reply also came from a timid voice

I am here… very near

Without knowing where

I shot a blind arrow

Oh! I did not recognize you

Have you met me or me you

No actually, not so far

You mean we have not met yet?

Alright then, please tell me who you are

And what do you need from me?

Sir actually… actually I am a pain

No, no don’t you worry

I will decide whether you are a pain or not

No sir, actually I am a pain

Pain? What do you need from me

I need a place to stay

Stay inside me? But I don’t have empty space

Pain? What kind of pain?

I mean like headache, backache…

No in our world pain is general

Wherever we settle we take that name

If we go to a head, we become a headache

In back we are called backache

Pain in the neck, ass…

So on so forth

You know how water takes shape of a pot

… We take the name of the anatomy

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