Truth, nothing but the truth

Can you hear that soothing sound? It comes in between the splashes of rain and wind. Listen carefully. Actually it is sounds of many tiny little wind chimes; many, many of them. They all have different tones and notes and frequencies. They are ringing at different times. One gradually stopping while another fading in and going on until next one takes over. Of course sometime many ring together. All the sounds seem to be originating from the same place. I mean they are coming from the same direction! And also that place surely has a lot of constant breeze! Now, let me open the suspense.

Actually I knew the secret, all along. I know where they are hanging. Want to come along? I’ll show you. I know it’s raining, but it will be nice to go there. You wouldn’t regret the trip. That entire scenario is so surreal. You wouldn’t believe what you are seeing. Okay okay. We wouldn’t go. But if you are keen, I will tell you about it. Then you decide you can go on your own and see it.

Remember that round garden? Yes? Take a left from there. Keep going straight for about 300 meters. Road will end and you will come across sand. Now walk on sand. If you wish take your shoes off and carry them in your hand. Another 200 meters on sand and gradually sound of water will fade in and traffic from the road left behind, will go in the background, finally getting totally inaudible. There will be a sand upward incline, keeping climbing it. When you reach the top, the vast ocean line will reveal itself! I suggest you wait here for a few moments and absorb the visual. Gray sand in front, gray water after that and finally unending gray skyline. The only chance of a break in grayness can be, in case you find a fishing boat on the horizon. It may be black-gray-brown boat, or a dot of blue due to a plastic sheet.

Oh! Never mind that. Where were we? Yes I was telling you about the source of wind chime sounds. Okay now walk towards the sea about 100 meters. This will change in case of tide. It will be 150 meters in case low tide and much less in case of high… from the edge of water walk towards left. In a few minutes you will see a coconut tree. Last time I saw it was bending towards the sea. It is very tall and has many branches sprawling all over. Each branch is almost as long as the tree itself. I know but this coconut tree has branches! In fact many, many branches. Each branch has nearly fifty coconuts. So many people come and take coconuts when they need. Sorry correction; only women can take coconuts from this tree. Because tree knows they will break one only when the need it for use at home. They are not greedy to start a coconut business.

Now time to open the secret. At the bottom of each coconut, is a wind chime hanging, smaller ones down and larger ones on top of tree. They have different colors too. Silver, golden, red, orange… and now it is very clear that due to sea breeze, the sound never stops. These days during rains it is a bit too much. All bells mix up and make a shimmering and fluttering kind of continuous sound…

Let me know when you plan to go. We will take its photos and upload. Otherwise no one will believe the story.

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