April 2020

  • POV Paradox

    The train was about to leave the station. The railway staff on platform was performing its duty of technical support, checking various electrical and mechanical points. Staff on train was doing different kind of duty. They were making sure that everyone finds their seats, helping seniors with luggage, making sure supply of food and water… Continue reading

  • Feeling Lost

    Feeling lost yaar. Don’t ask why. What do you mean ‘lost’ in what way? If I knew that, would I be saying that I am feeling lost? Are you crazy or what! Stupid fool! God know from where these people come. They look so bright and emit so much intelligence from their being. But it’s… Continue reading

  • Muddled Strangers

    Hello there. How are things? Hello… err, I didn’t recognize you. Have we met? Yes we have. Really? When? A moment ago! What! You mean when you said hello to me? Yes, precisely. It may be more than a moment, now! How time passes. Isn’t it? I don’t know if you are a funny guy… Continue reading

  • Goodbye barbers

    Due to current lockdown scenarios all over the world, we all are developing new habits and adapting necessary new lifestyles. One of them is washing our hands regularly and vigorously. We all knew that always, but we always did it casually, as though it was a formality and just went through it. But now since… Continue reading

  • Air Virus

    It is set in the future. Not too far in future, may be nearby. Actually you can chose the year if you so like. I really don’t mind. You just give me the figure and I’ll place my story in that. Okay did you say 2032? Seems fine to me. Because it’s not typical kind… Continue reading

  • Truth, nothing but the truth

    Can you hear that soothing sound? It comes in between the splashes of rain and wind. Listen carefully. Actually it is sounds of many tiny little wind chimes; many, many of them. They all have different tones and notes and frequencies. They are ringing at different times. One gradually stopping while another fading in and… Continue reading