To Light From Darkness

Look. There, in that direction

Can you see that?

A huge slab of darkness

Like a dark mountain

Yes right, that one

That’s a mountain of darkness

On the other side of that

Behind it

Yes, right through it

There is a light

My light!

Why, can you not see it?

Look right at the center of the dark mass


Yes, concentrate in the middle of it

Well, I can see it easily

So what if it is dark

I know, light can be seen anyways

Darkness is darkness

But light is light

I agree if light is there

Then darkness cannot exist

Both can’t co-exist

But what can I do

If it’s there, it’s there

We can’t help it

Alright, I understand

You cannot see it

I agree

I also have been trying

Sorry, but I too cannot see it very well

But, I know it is there

Behind that dark entity

I was trying to find

If you could see that

Or anyone else

Soon I am leaving to get to it

No, don’t worry, I will find a way

They say

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

May be I will find some light on the path

May be… not

So plan is to walk in a straight line

When you can see nothing

You must remain focused

And alert and follow a line

You never know what you might come across

Stones, thorns, ditches, ravines

Snakes, scorpions, other animals

There can be anything

I will be in total darkness

But… I could also say

I might bump into a person!

Like me, someone,

Who might also be looking for a light!

You think people on the other side

Are not looking for the light from this side?

Or any side?

Isn’t it possible?

It is, isn’t it?

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