Mad, you are

He thought she looked beautiful

Wherever she was,

Whatever she was doing

In kitchen

Bent over a dish

Stirring the potatoes

In living room having tea

May be watching TV

Looking at him

Looking away

She was never ‘not’ busy

And to him

She always looked beautiful when busy

Being busy meant she was engrossed in something

Immersed in it

She was her natural self

With whatever…

Not bothered about how she looked

That made her look even better…

I told her just what he felt

She said flatly, ‘you are mad’

And continued…

Chopping ginger, filling water

Turning the vegetables in the pan

Her eyes getting watery

Due to spices and steam

Making her eyes glisten and gleam

I just told her exactly what I saw

And felt

About her eyes…

Mad you are

She was sitting in the chair

Reading news paper

She clicked photo of daily forecast

And sent it to him quickly

He replied “wow that’s so lucky

I am feeling just the same

As though it was written for my own name”

Confirm Mad

How long will it take the rice to get done?


Had something to say that’s why

Don’t disturb me, it will take 5 minutes

Not disturbing

Can I hold you for these 5 minutes?

Since 5 Minutes rice will take

Let me hold you and wait

You can never change

… Mad

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