Life is beautiful – again

Is he a superman?

How did he do this?

How could he… do this?

Does anyone think he had it in him?

This level of endurance,

Capacity to tolerate the unending tortures

Self-inflicted or even self-consumed

A lone man

Encircled by layers and layers of

Unbroken chains of moments,

Days, nights, weeks, months

Year after year, after year, after…

Surrounded by never ending                                    

Powerful suffocating situations,


The lone man felt insignificant

Like a scrawny Jew

Begging for his life in front of Nazi guns

Like a blade of grass being tossed around

… But, he had no idea

He had the tolerance of a superman!

Looking back

Even a single moment of his lonely life

And times gone by

Years of sinful separation

Unbearable heaviness of carrying an unfair heart

Inside his chest

Each such moment

Had power to blow away his breath

Or stub his life out

With a careless stamp of a giant’s shoe

He looks up in awe,

What is this magic about?

Who did this?

Where have those impossible

Snarling snaring days gone?

How did his life turn around?

Without Harry’s magic wand

Now… that life has turned around

Will it matter how it happened

Who did this?

And what was the reason for it to happen

But for him…

Life was beautiful again

So beautiful, that it had never been…

That beautiful

He does not remember feeling so happy

Light hearted, carefree, unconcerned… ever

He claims this is the best phase of his life

He is not even bothered if this will last or…

How long will be the life of this new life

He is not concerned because

He feels for the first time ever

He is in control

He knows he is going to make it work

This time there are no alternates

No excuses, no pressures

No one can deprive him of this bliss.

Now or ever

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