Finding inner peace

I can see a street from my window

Actually a small part of it

Though the street mainly consists of potholes

Yet it attracts many

Cars, tempos, scooters, autos

As their loud horns blare

Further raising the decibels all over

Restlessness seems to have taken over

People trying to cross the street

Between many a brake screech

Scared old men women children

And the dogs scampering frightened

With their tails between their legs

Everyone seems so high strung

Someone wants to go across that way

Others are waiting to walk this way

Many have phones pressed to their ear

So they can listen to what they want to hear

This tiny part of a street has so much energy!

I was scared to add up the entire city…

My heart now was getting heavy

I left the window and shut it

Noises did reduce substantially

But my heart remained heavy

I thought about the sea

I love sounds of the sea

Waves make same sound

Their action very persistent

Each wave hits the shore

And spreads around all over

Then follows another

Another, yet another

Energy of the waves seems to be endless

Where in the sea must be their source?

Let me tell you a secret

Sea waves give me a therapy

With their sounds and energy

Soon my eye lids turned heavy

And I began to feel sleepy

As my mind sank further

I began surveying the world deeper

Noise of waves had considerably reduced

As though even this window had closed

The world below was different

In fact, very different

I swam even lower

Then even more

A bit more

Until there was no sound

Except smoothness and calm

A shell was crawling on the sandy surface

The fish seem to have lost their pace

It felt like a heavenly place

No one chased another to eat

No one seemed to want nothing

No one had to convey anything No one wanted to know anything…

As we dive in our thoughts, we find peace.

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