i will go for a walk later


it is too bright right now

bright? do you want to go when it is dark?




what because

because they all whisper,

whisper? who? what do they whisper?

they say, ‘here he is again’

who says that

them… they say

who them, who are they

they. they hide behind the trees and say it

are you crazy?

no, i mean it. they look at me and i feel they are noticing me

you are having illusions, who will look at anyone and say anything

no i am sure no illusion

they whisper about you only? who in the hell do you think you are?

I don’t know that, but they especially notice me

oh god! okay, tell me more about them. what exactly do they do.

… as soon as i enter the garden, they look at me and share a glance with others. then they start chatting. when i turn to look at them they hide behind trees. then i can’t see them, but their flowing white clothes flutter out in breeze. one day i was really angry. “why don’t you leave in peace!?” i shouted at them.


then they climbed up the tree, and merged themselves in the green. they went behind the thick leafs and kept looking at me from there.

what an utter nonsense story!

no please i will go later; after it is dark.

have you ever been there in dark?


then? don’t you think they can harass you more in dark.

oh i… i don’t know that.

okay try going around 8 today. there may be only some garden lights. but it will be quite dark otherwise.

you think they will trouble me more in dark?

why don’t you go and check it out, since you know what they do in day time.

umm… actually. no i think i will go now only.

no no try walking in the dark today. why not?

… okay, but why can’t i miss my walk once in a while?

remember what doctor told you? if you miss your walk, you will be in deep trouble.

i am going now… bye

fine see you in an hour. phew…

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