Tiring Day for Gautam

on 6 sep, gautam woke up as usual around 5 and was out for his walk at 6 and returned back after completing his walk, stretches and some strength work outs. after cooling down, he went for bath and got dressed much before breakfast. he was to meet some official in another suburb at 10. after finishing the meeting he returned home around 11.30.

he ate early lunch at 12 and left to see a movie (island city) in a nearby cinema. film was ‘not bad’, but he gave more credit to its experimental nature. film is made up of 3 independent stories. film may be far from great, but it was good cinema.

after film he went back home and rested for a while.

around 5 pm he picked up the cooking utensil, which he had promised a friend to take. but as friend did not reply, he asked another person too, if they would like to use it. after the kitchen was remodeled in gautam’s house, space had become a bit less.

well he left the wide pan like utensil with the security of his friend’s apartment. he had already left a note inside it, which, did not say from who, for who

then he reached the house of a relation who were keeping one and a half day ganapati. today the visarjan day. statue was very pretty and was decorated also well. he clicked some pics. they did aarati and then long process of good bye to ganapati started. everyone danced and danced and danced… in front of ganapati. after more than 30 min or so, the idol was immersed in a plastic tub in the house itself. the statue was a ‘eco-friendly’ one. soon it started to dissolve and disintegrate.

then dinner was served. everything was hot and pooris were being made right then. it was a very tasty and sumptious affair. after dinner there was some more fun was left to be had… they all played housie. it was rather surprising. no one bought any tickets. all were paid for ‘on the house’ and yet there were prizes to be won…

after the last game, gautam left for home. he was tired of stepping in and out of his house many times today.

day seemed satisfying. but today gautam took some major mental decisions.

– he decided he will no longer be rolled over by people

– he was sure he will not be shy of taking strong decisions to correct the situation

– he should spend as little time as possible with such people, whoever they may be

– those people must be made to feel how wrong they have been about him

gautam felt a change inside. he could see it for himself that nothing can remain the same for ever.

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