Gautam goes shopping

Shop One, Cell City

Gautam was worried about his cell phone battery. He felt it was draining much faster recently. Earlier it would go for more than a day, but now not more than 8-10 hours. He thought in case it suddenly fails, it will leave him in a lurch. Cell City was close to his house. He did not want to buy it straightway, but check out the cost, availability etc.

Gautam: Boss you have battery for MotoG, 2nd gen?

ShopKeeper: Yes we have. Why do you want to change?

Gautam: It is draining very fast.

ShopKeeper: How fast? How much it lasted earlier?

Gautam: Earlier it would last for at least 24 hours. I used to charge it once a day.

ShopKeeper: And now how long it is lasting after a charge?

Gautam: Hardly 8-10 hours.

ShopKeeper: So why do you want to change the battery. It is good enough. Just charge it twice a day, no.

Gautam: Umm, are you sure?

ShopKeeper: Battery costs about Rs 1500. But why do you want to spend even that? Just charge it twice!

Gautam thought how strange was this shop-keeper! While all shops lures customers into buying more; this guy was interested in customer’s interest.

Rightway Stationary (and assorted electronics)

Gautam’s WiFi router was giving trouble. As it would lose connection every now and then. It had been going on for a few months now. He had complained to the ISP many times. They came and did some checking and repairs. Finally one technician asked Gautam how old was the router. Gautam said it was 3 years old, at least. He said these gadgets have life of not more than 2 years. It has lasted way longer. So he connected his ‘testing router’ and removed the old one. He said I will leave it here for 3 days. You see if it works fine that will mean you need to get a new router.

For 3 days ‘testing router’ gave no trouble. Gautam decided to get a new one. He went to Rightway to find out if they keep routers.

Gautam: Do you have WiFi routers.

ShopKeeper: We have two companies. One is D-Link and…

Gautam: Yes I need that one only.

Two models were shown. One had two antennas and another had one, same as his. ShopKeeper said two antennas works well for 2BHK, and single one is good for 1BHK. Gautam said he has 1BHK, so he will prefer it. No point filling home ambiance with stronger digital signal. It was priced 1930.00.

Gautam asked he could pay by PayTM or a debit card.

ShopKeeper: Any way. But I would prefer card.

Gautam: Why is that?

ShopKeeper: Card payment goes directly to my bank account, but in PayTM a major part of it stays with them and only small fraction goes to my account.

Gautam: Okay in that case I will pay you by card.

ShopKeeper: Fine. But just wait. The prices of these I remember had reduced a bit.

He pulled out his calculator and after punching a few keys, he reduced the price from 1930 to 1850!

Gautam once again was amazed. No salesman would say that to reduce the price. Gautam was any way ready to pay what was asked for.

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