Gautam goes shopping

Shop One, Cell City

Gautam was worried about his cell phone battery. He felt it was draining much faster recently. Earlier it would go for more than a day, but now not more than 8-10 hours. He thought in case it suddenly fails, it will leave him in a lurch. Cell City was close to his house. He did not want to buy it straightway, but check out the cost, availability etc.

Gautam: Boss you have battery for MotoG, 2nd gen?

ShopKeeper: Yes we have. Why do you want to change?

Gautam: It is draining very fast.

ShopKeeper: How fast? How much it lasted earlier?

Gautam: Earlier it would last for at least 24 hours. I used to charge it once a day.

ShopKeeper: And now how long it is lasting after a charge?

Gautam: Hardly 8-10 hours.

ShopKeeper: So why do you want to change the battery. It is good enough. Just charge it twice a day, no.

Gautam: Umm, are you sure?

ShopKeeper: Battery costs about Rs 1500. But why do you want to spend even that? Just charge it twice!

Gautam thought how strange was this shop-keeper! While all shops lures customers into buying more; this guy was interested in customer’s interest.

Rightway Stationary (and assorted electronics)

Gautam’s WiFi router was giving trouble. As it would lose connection every now and then. It had been going on for a few months now. He had complained to the ISP many times. They came and did some checking and repairs. Finally one technician asked Gautam how old was the router. Gautam said it was 3 years old, at least. He said these gadgets have life of not more than 2 years. It has lasted way longer. So he connected his ‘testing router’ and removed the old one. He said I will leave it here for 3 days. You see if it works fine that will mean you need to get a new router.

For 3 days ‘testing router’ gave no trouble. Gautam decided to get a new one. He went to Rightway to find out if they keep routers.

Gautam: Do you have WiFi routers.

ShopKeeper: We have two companies. One is D-Link and…

Gautam: Yes I need that one only.

Two models were shown. One had two antennas and another had one, same as his. ShopKeeper said two antennas works well for 2BHK, and single one is good for 1BHK. Gautam said he has 1BHK, so he will prefer it. No point filling home ambiance with stronger digital signal. It was priced 1930.00.

Gautam asked he could pay by PayTM or a debit card.

ShopKeeper: Any way. But I would prefer card.

Gautam: Why is that?

ShopKeeper: Card payment goes directly to my bank account, but in PayTM a major part of it stays with them and only small fraction goes to my account.

Gautam: Okay in that case I will pay you by card.

ShopKeeper: Fine. But just wait. The prices of these I remember had reduced a bit.

He pulled out his calculator and after punching a few keys, he reduced the price from 1930 to 1850!

Gautam once again was amazed. No salesman would say that to reduce the price. Gautam was any way ready to pay what was asked for.

Tiring Day for Gautam

on 6 sep, gautam woke up as usual around 5 and was out for his walk at 6 and returned back after completing his walk, stretches and some strength work outs. after cooling down, he went for bath and got dressed much before breakfast. he was to meet some official in another suburb at 10. after finishing the meeting he returned home around 11.30.

he ate early lunch at 12 and left to see a movie (island city) in a nearby cinema. film was ‘not bad’, but he gave more credit to its experimental nature. film is made up of 3 independent stories. film may be far from great, but it was good cinema.

after film he went back home and rested for a while.

around 5 pm he picked up the cooking utensil, which he had promised a friend to take. but as friend did not reply, he asked another person too, if they would like to use it. after the kitchen was remodeled in gautam’s house, space had become a bit less.

well he left the wide pan like utensil with the security of his friend’s apartment. he had already left a note inside it, which, did not say from who, for who

then he reached the house of a relation who were keeping one and a half day ganapati. today the visarjan day. statue was very pretty and was decorated also well. he clicked some pics. they did aarati and then long process of good bye to ganapati started. everyone danced and danced and danced… in front of ganapati. after more than 30 min or so, the idol was immersed in a plastic tub in the house itself. the statue was a ‘eco-friendly’ one. soon it started to dissolve and disintegrate.

then dinner was served. everything was hot and pooris were being made right then. it was a very tasty and sumptious affair. after dinner there was some more fun was left to be had… they all played housie. it was rather surprising. no one bought any tickets. all were paid for ‘on the house’ and yet there were prizes to be won…

after the last game, gautam left for home. he was tired of stepping in and out of his house many times today.

day seemed satisfying. but today gautam took some major mental decisions.

– he decided he will no longer be rolled over by people

– he was sure he will not be shy of taking strong decisions to correct the situation

– he should spend as little time as possible with such people, whoever they may be

– those people must be made to feel how wrong they have been about him

gautam felt a change inside. he could see it for himself that nothing can remain the same for ever.


i will go for a walk later


it is too bright right now

bright? do you want to go when it is dark?




what because

because they all whisper,

whisper? who? what do they whisper?

they say, ‘here he is again’

who says that

them… they say

who them, who are they

they. they hide behind the trees and say it

are you crazy?

no, i mean it. they look at me and i feel they are noticing me

you are having illusions, who will look at anyone and say anything

no i am sure no illusion

they whisper about you only? who in the hell do you think you are?

I don’t know that, but they especially notice me

oh god! okay, tell me more about them. what exactly do they do.

… as soon as i enter the garden, they look at me and share a glance with others. then they start chatting. when i turn to look at them they hide behind trees. then i can’t see them, but their flowing white clothes flutter out in breeze. one day i was really angry. “why don’t you leave in peace!?” i shouted at them.


then they climbed up the tree, and merged themselves in the green. they went behind the thick leafs and kept looking at me from there.

what an utter nonsense story!

no please i will go later; after it is dark.

have you ever been there in dark?


then? don’t you think they can harass you more in dark.

oh i… i don’t know that.

okay try going around 8 today. there may be only some garden lights. but it will be quite dark otherwise.

you think they will trouble me more in dark?

why don’t you go and check it out, since you know what they do in day time.

umm… actually. no i think i will go now only.

no no try walking in the dark today. why not?

… okay, but why can’t i miss my walk once in a while?

remember what doctor told you? if you miss your walk, you will be in deep trouble.

i am going now… bye

fine see you in an hour. phew…

Mere Mehboob Studios

From the end of 1972 till 1985, Mehboob studios was my second (sometimes first) home. I was very friendly with entire staff, be it Raghu the canteen boy, assistants in music studio, camera attendants, lightmen. Kamil, the sound room in-charge was very close to me as we worked together for so many years. The sound recording section was a royal 1000 sqft space!
One day I asked Zahoor bhai (manager cum telephone board operator), ‘who would currently be the oldest employee of the studio?’ He said, ‘there is a lightman called Ganapat Rao’… I knew him well obviously. Next time Ganapat was passing by I stopped him and asked him to give me his autograph on my stupid telephone diary. I can not explain how shocked and elated he was… I normally I don’t wish to turn my clock back even by a day… but for such rare feelings.
Sometimes it makes me teary emotional… Khair, I got the real inner feel of those times. Can’t say it was enough; but thank goodness, to have walked the floor where Mehboob Khan, Raj Khosla, Dilip Kumar, Dev saab, Madhubala, Fali and Jal Mistry, Dwarka Divecha… created magical cinema. The realization is certainly fulfilling… Plz understand that even if I add hundreds of names from my own memory, it can never ever even nearly complete the list.

Capital Changes

it has not been raining well at all in mumbai this year. perhaps we mumbaikars are in for a shortage to sever shortage of water. there was already a news item in papers saying that “if the dry spell continues; there will be a water cut…”

it is only august right now. monsoon is still not over and if the cut come in force, one can imagine what to expect for the rest of the year. no, i am not scared. what can one achieve by getting scared or worried? nothing. so i will face it when it comes, whatever it may be. in fact i love it when there is no escape, no alternate and no way out. i don’t have to work on deciding or decoding the problem at hand to find its solution by using my lazy brain. if there is no rain so be it – let there be no rain.

recently i happen to meet four of my best enemies in a room. i felt they did not shake me up as they did last year. that time i had got disturbed even with their presence that was only expected. or to put it simply even with their absence.

i have also been so lazy in writing or blogging. in contrast i was so particular earlier. i used to feel terrible if i did not write at least 3-5 posts in a week! now not only i don’t write, i also don’t feel bad about it. things don’t remain the same. i have also changed or in other words i am also not the same, any more.

but it seems that things may be happening at a different (kind of deeper) level. but nothing is clear. i don’t even know if they are happening or i just have a feeling that they are happening. a kind of deep detachment/ disinterest has surfaced to things, to events. people i meet seem foggy in their presence, in what they say or do. as soon as they leave, they all dissolve and fade out – their faces, conversations, ideas.

it’s great to not bother about capital alphabets too.

13 Aug, 2015