No One Shot MH17 Down

Investigations by the Dutch Safety Board for the crash of Malaysian Airline flight MH 17 is over. The that flight had originated on July 17, 2014 from Amsterdam and was scheduled to land at Kuala Lumpur. Investigation report says that the ill-fated Boeing 777-200ER, was hit by a Russian, surface to air Buk missile. Total fatalities were 298 including flight staff, along with unfortunate 80 children. At the time of being hit, aircraft was flying over the Ukraine air space at an altitude of 33000 feet. The report does not claim who fired that fatal shot. But it seems that it was launched from an area that is controlled by Russia-backed agitators in Ukraine. Some TV news channels have reported that at that point of time there were approximately 160 odd flights traversing that section of sky. But why was MH 17 chosen? Was this plane wrongly hit and real target being some other aircraft, may be a military plane? There was at least one such aircraft in the area.

For many years countries mainly America and Russia sell their arsenal to various other countries and often to small legal or illegal warring groups. The producers are only interested in making the sale and getting the money. They don’t care for what purpose will it be used and against who. Also whether it will be resold lent or it could even get stolen. That is why there is such a hue and cry about security of nuclear war heads. People are also trying make dirty bombs that may use primitive nuclear technology. These groups want to prove a point to who so ever, may be to the world in general.

But it is really so horribly sad that so many innocent lives were lost for which no justification can be given. It pains me to think about the reactions of fliers when soothing hum of flying was shattered by a loud blast, the steady airplane shuddered violently, the aircraft started plunging down, the flames sped inside, front of the plane broke off and from the cozy comfort of warm blankets sleepy children were suddenly exposed to rare air and temperature of 30c below zero.

14 Oct, 2015

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