Friendship with Conditions

Heart is a bit heavy today

It’s… because of the things around,


Or, is it because of me only?

My house?

Discolored walls of my house,

Cracks and leaks in the discolored walls of the house

… I can handle all that with money

But it is the attitude of people,

People, close and distant

Matured and grown up

It is high time it was decided

Any delay can cause unnecessary trouble

The trouble could grow

And turn into a demon beyond control

The point is not how many and how long the troubles have been

The point is ‘why’ have I been tolerating them?

More over why should I live with them any more

You think whatever you say, has a meaning

And my words make no sense?

Then we don’t have right to be together

If you feel you are in a jail

I too am choking to death

Like you are proud of the way you think

I too might have huge respect for my own thoughts

You can insult me in any way you want

Go ahead and insult my looks,

My shabbiness, sloppiness

I am fine with that

It could be the matter of taste

But I will not tolerate insult of my ideas

I love my way of thinking

Just like you

My thoughts are also unique in the world

Just like yours

They are precious

They are pretty

They are full of intelligence

They don’t lack anything

Just like yours

No one has a right to look down upon them

To insult them

They are products of my mind

They are pious for me

This will be a hard decision

But showing respect for my thoughts,

Will be a mandatory condition for friendship

If you say,

What is I said was, ‘wrong’

Then let us not waste time any more

I will turn left from next cross road

You take the right

And then be right, forever

Kabir’s Common Sense

‘With mud, bricks and stones they raised a praying hall,

A priest then calls from top, as if He doesn’t hear at all.’

‘Reading books never made any one knowledgeable,

Unless you have imbibed the four letters of love.’

‘If your heart is pure, you are holy – your life is holy,

Even the water soaking animal hide becomes holy.’

‘Don’t throw away small when you find one bigger,

While mending your shirt, a sword loses to the needle.’

‘Don’t condemn anything, even the dust below your feet,

If that enters your eyes you will know how painful it is.’

‘A saint is like a sieve, with knowledge of good and useless,

He should be able to keep the good and blow away the useless.’